Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Table of Content

  • Affiliate marketing for beginners?
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How to get commissions as a affiliate?
  • What is affiliate networks?
  • How to create affiliate account?
  • How to find good affiliate products?
  • How to promote affiliate products?
  • How to sell affiliate products?
  • What is digital marketing?
  • Conclusion

affiliate marketing for beginners
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Today making money online is a passion to people, many of the people are making money and participating in affiliate marketing in their spare time. The main thing of this program is that anybody can start from home without any investment. 

Beginners can easily work and begin if they have a computer with an internet connection or android mobile. There are different types of affiliate programs and affiliate networks are available today. Here I will show you some of the best companies which you can earn upto $1000 per day easily using them.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a part of digital marketing and it is a online advertising program. In this program we need to promote and sell other's product or companies product to earn commissions.

First of all, we need to choose a affiliate network (company). In this networks there are millions of products and services are available. We need to find a good product or service to promote products and sell them online. This affiliate platform provides affiliate tools which we can promote products and create a free account to begin and getting commissions.

How to get commission as a affiliate?

We get a fixed percentage of the products (commissions) when we sell by sharing and advertising a product online using online marketing platforms and social medias. It means when we sharing a product link online and anytime if someone buy a product using your affiliate link we get commissions for the particular product and related products.

When someone clicking on the link and buy the product,  the company will track the sales and give the commission to that affiliate id owner. Company can identify that sale through tracking affiliate id with the help of cookies. Cookie is a small file when a person click on affiliate product link the file will store in that person computer with upto 24 hours. In that time if he buy that product and he bought other products also within 24 hours using your link, you will also get a percentage of the total purchase he made.

What is affiliate networks?

Affiliate network is a marketplace and a platform (company) where we can earn an income as a affiliate. It is a company that they providing work from home job to its advertisers. There are many different affiliate networks (companies) are available online to work with. Here I am going to share you the best 5 companies below.


Amazon is the largest ecommerce store in the world. Amazon generating millions of sales perday, in the year 2021 first quarter it generate net sales worth upto $108.56 billion US dollar. In the same previous year they made net sales $75.26 billion US dollar, it means they increase the sale more than 30% in 2021. 

Amazon has millions of products and services and they enable affiliate marketing with many tools for advertisers. To start amazon affiliate marketing step by step method, watch this complete tutorial video to begin. 


eBay is also a affiliate marketing network and it is world leading ecommerce site today. eBay offering affiliate marketing program to its advertisers to earn a passive income online. It also like amazon if you are interested to work with this both companies then you should visit same country website which where you are willing promote products. Means if you are staying in India and you are willing to sell in US then you must visit US store website.


Aliexpress is leading ecommerce site in the world. Aliexpress is not only ecommerce store but also it is a business to business (B2B) platform, they also supply wholesale bulk products in worldwide. They offering affiliate marketing program in worldwide and it has a single website for all.


Digistore24 is a US based company and it has many stores in foreign countries. This ecommerce site offering wide variety of products in worldwide. Digistore24 ecommerce company also providing affiliate marketing program for its advertisers. But it's commission is not like other sites, they offering 10% to 90% commission for different category products. You can also watch this video to know more about digistore24, by watching this training video you will learn how to earn $100 daily with digistore24.


Clickbank is also like digistore24 in terms of commission and this ecommerce site also offering wide variety of products promote. Their affiliate marketing program is also different than other ecommerce site. Clickbank payment method offering only a check. Here I am suggesting the free training video which you can learn how to signup and how to begin to start making money with clickbank.

How to create a affiliate account?

Choose one of the best affiliate marketplace to begin your affiliate business journey. To create an account with a company, after visiting the site you need to click on affiliate signup button. Fill the form with your details including your name,. address, mobile number and bank details etc.

After creating a affiliate account you will get a unique affiliate id code, the company will use this id to track your sales. You can see the id code and your earned commission on the dashboard. In the dashboard you can find products and tools for marketing. Use its tools to find products, there is a search tab you can see in the dashboard, in there put a name of the product and can see the list of products displaying on the tab. Every products has a unique link which including your affiliate id.

How to find good affiliate product?

To select a product link in the affiliate dashboard before that we want to find a good and demanded product to promote. There are many online marketing tools to find a demanded product. Use free tools like Google trends, keyword planner and Google alerts etc, for advanced research we can use Moz and Ahref etc.

After finding the demanded product then search the product name on search tab in the affiliate dashboard.
In simple words, choose a product from the affiliate network dashboard, example a cloth such as T-shirt or may something else that you wish to promote, when product shown on the tab you want to copy the affiliate link of the product and then share it in any online marketing media.

How to create a affiliate links?

Affiliate link is a product link that we can create in more than two ways. First way is direct searching the product name on the affiliate dashboard and click on 'get link' button. Second way is to find a product in normal site and copy the link and paste it on link creator tab in the dashboard then click on create button. Other way is Ad section or html link section, you can see banners and product pics on this section, choose a banner or product pics and click on 'get link' button.

How to promote a product online?

There are many ways we can promote products online. One of the best way is social media marketing, in this way we can easily promote products online. First of all we need to increase traffic to our product links. Use Social media like Facebook pages and groups, Pinterest business account, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Other great way is email marketing, whatsapp, telegram, text msg etc.
Second major online marketing platform is blogging or making an affiliate website. 

Create a stunning blog or website to promote products. The main thing is that we need to create contents for the product. Let's read reviews and resources to create stunning contents for your product. To create a website or blog you can visit website builders site, such as bluehost, Goddy, Hostinger, Wix etc. To learn step by step method to create an website in 5 minutes, watch this video tutorial.

Other way to promote a product is to starting a Ad campaign. Ads such as Google ads, Other Social media ad campaign such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. And also can do advertisements in other third party websites but it all are paid promoting sites. For free advertising in worldwide you can use this site.

How to sell affiliate products online? 

Before sharing or promoting a product you want to give good title and description for the product to sell it fast. Always upload great product pictures to increase traffic to that post, include reviews and write about product benefits and usages to get more leads.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing work using digital technologies of computer and internet. It is also a online marketing and it is a promotion of brands order to connect its customers. It uses online marketing channels not only social media, emails and other advertising medias but also uses animation videos and multimedia msg and it include SEO, SEM etc for marketing. 

Digital marketing also enable branding and promotion of products and services of the company. If you are willing learn digital marketing then watch this training video to know how to be a digital marketer.


 This post 'Affiliate Marketing for Beginners' might help to the people who are willing to make an income in their spare time. Students and housewives can do it from home in their free time. I recommending some video links above which you can easily learn affiliate marketing step by step method by watching the free training videos.

I thinking... it might help you all readers to earn an income online and begin a affiliate journey doing this program.
Best of luck!!!