Adsense Alternatives: Earn Money Online 2021

Top 11 Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives to earn money
Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives to Earn Money Online

In this post, I will share the best Adsense alternatives to try in 2021. Google Adsense is a leading revenue-generating publishing site today, but it rejects sites for many reasons. Google adsense has many rules to approve new sites; they need quality content to monetize the site. 

If the content is inappropriate, they disapprove and may ban the account. So most of the people are making money by placing ads on their sites and blogs, using AdSense alternatives. 

Here I am suggesting some ad networks with which you can earn money by placing ads on your sites. even if there is less traffic on your site, anyway, don't worry, you can use the site below to start earning. 

The sites offer advertisements such as banner ads, video ads, pop-ups, pop-ups, and text ads, etc. We can choose both mobile and desktop ad formats and styles based on our site.

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Top 11 Adsense Alternatives to Earn Money Online.

1. RevenueHits

Adsense Alternatives to earn money
Adsense Alternatives

RevenueHits Is one of the best ad networks to monetize your content, it provides a good variety of ads for publishers. Ad styles include banner, popup, slider, button, top banner, and footer ad formats. This site does not need a minimum of traffic to your site, so we can start immediately with this network. They allow payments through bank transfers, paypal, payoneer, and bitcoin.

2. BidAdvertiser

 BidVertiser Is the best ad network site for publishers to monetize content, it offers to pay on both clicks and conversions. It provides a variety of ad styles such as image ads, text ads, and mobile ads. Your method of payment is a minimum of $10 via PayPal; $100 by check, and $500 by wire transfer and bitcoin payment. BidVertiser is also an advertising site for advertisers. You only need $5 to start advertising and it provides free ad credits for beginners.

3. PopAds

PopAds is a good alternative network to adsense to monetize content. It specially provides popup ads for publishers. This site approves the account immediately, even if you have less traffic on your site. Payment methods are Paypal, Alertpay, and bank transfer. The minimum threshold is $10 for paypal and alert pay; there is no minimum threshold for wire transfers.

4. Infolinks

 Infolinks is the third largest publisher ad network marketplace. It primarily provides commerce-based ads for publishers and offers a large variety of high-quality ads to help you monetize your content. Infolinks has a great reputation based on its advertisers. It offers a variety of ad styles such as image ads, text ads based on the keywords of your content. Your minimum threshold is $50.

5. PropellerAds Media

Adsense Alternatives to earn money

PropellerAds Is a huge ad network and it specially provides popup ads for publishers. Also offer standard banner ads, banner and click video ads, sponsored sliders and links, etc. Propeller Ads offers weekly payouts with a minimum threshold of $5. If you concentrate visitors from India, Australia, Sri Lanka, then this is the best one to try

 6. Yllix Inc. 

Yllix is ​​an alternative to AdSense and is an ad network with international experience. They provide various types of ads for mobile and desktop traffic. Yllix offers weekly and daily payouts with a minimum threshold of $1. The main advantage of this site is that they immediately approve the account for the publishers. 

7. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is the best ad network for monetizing content for publishers. It is a commerce-based ad network and also helps affiliates earn money on various commerce sites. Skimlinks provides high-quality ads for publishers. They offer the minimum threshold of $55

8. Adsterra 

Adsterra Is a leading digital advertising network that offers great options for publishers. They serve ads in different styles like banner ads, popup ads, push ads.

9. ClickAdu 

ClickAdu Is a premium ad network platform, it has more than 6 ad formats. This ad network helps to monetize the content easily; they approve the sites immediately. They provide 4 payment methods and a minimum threshold of $10

10. Media Network is one of the best adsense alternatives today and offers a variety of ad formats. They offer a variety of ad styles to publishers such as image ads, text ads, and mobile ads. This site is the world's largest contextual ad provider and likes AdSense too, but it has a lot of rules to approve the site. Please read their rules carefully before applying. 

11. Taboola 

Taboola As an alternative adsense is an ad network and this is also a larger ad site. They provide contextual, targeted, and retargeted ads on your site. This site is the best platform for publishers to monetize on mobile. But they approve the site if you have a minimum of 500k visitors on your site, and now they only have one payment method, Payoneer. This ad network provides high-quality ads based on geographic areas around the world.

In this post, I have listed the top 11 AdSense alternatives that can increase revenue as a publisher. They provide both publishers and advertisers with accounts for free registration. Most of these ad networks offer CPC, CPM, and CPA earnings. Try these Adsense alternatives to increase your income in the year. Best of luck!!