Easy Ways To Make Money Online

easy ways to make money online
easy ways to make money online

Easy Ways To Make Money Online

There are plenty of easy ways to make money online, making money online is a great thing today and tomorrow. Finding a good online job is difficult today but this post will makes easy for you to getting a right job. All methods are different and all are depending on our skill and effort.

I suggesting some of the best money making methods for you through this post. Choose the right one which are more comfort and easy. There are many offline businesses and online business today, I will guide you how to make money online in different ways.

No matter if you are a student or beginner, newbies can learn the skills from my recommended sites. If you have skills and knowledge you can earn more fastly as possible. 

All ideas and methods become easy if we choose the right and more effective one. Research about the particular one which is more better and working for you, don't waste time and effort by taking inappropriate one.

I suggest you the top 10 easy ways to make money online, all are genuine and more workable. People are making $100 and more bucks while sitting at home using this methods. 

There are thousands and more employers are looking for remote workers, and they are hiring workers each and everyday in the online marketplaces.

Top 10 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

  • Become a Freelancer
  • Social media manager
  • Logo or graphics designer
  • Website designer
  • SEO consultant
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Writer
  • Captcha Solver
  • Become a Micro-worker
  • Completing online surveys

Choose the right and best, which are more comfortable and workable for you. There are plenty of positions and plenty of jobs out there, find suitable jobs from below sites.


Computer, laptop or Android
Internet connection
English Knowledge

Online marketplace is a place which people interacting for exchanging services for cash. Marketplace such as a Fiverr or Truelancers, those sites are providing free registration for everyone. If you want to learn new skills or do need any courses you like, enroll the courses from this sites. 

Fiverr is the good marketplace to learn new skills for newbies. You can check out the best alternative sites below to creating a free account and check out some other money making ways.

Online Business

There are many offline businesses, the way we start business in online is easy than other businesses. Internet is great platform to sharing things and exchanging services without any physical appear.

There are many marketing tools and methods are available online to grow your business. There is no matter while you travelling or sitting at home, there is no problem to starting a business without office.

In business there are 3 part involved, product creation, product distribution, and selling. If you need to create new products, you can do it or you can distribute products and sell it through e-commerce platform.

If you don't have own products and you want to make money by selling products, you can do distribution. There are many manufactures and companies out there, find manufactures and companies who are willing to supply products.

Social media is the largest marketing channel today to exchanging and sharing things online. One of the great way to make money online is 'selling' we can sell products and services through social media.

There are dozens of products selling online each and everyday, through multiple e-commerce sites, selling is a great profit making business online. We can sell hand made products, and clothing, accessories, household items, gardens, and online services.

Do you have products and want to sell it more you can use online e-commerce sites. If you don't have time and want to sell products, you can offer promoters to sell your products. Provide them a small incentive for each sale they make. We can offer individual promoters to sell our products in the e-commerce platform. 

If you like to sell your products by creating your own stores or building own websites, there are many options for that. For selling products in E-commerce platforms are more better than creating own store or websites.

If you like to build own e-commerce sites and online stores you can do it yourself with website builders site. Such as WordPress and wix, and online stores like Shopify and woocommerce.

If you don't know how to make e-commerce sites and online stores. You can find remote workers online, there are many marketplaces online to find online workers.

In this marketplaces people working for make money in hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. We can offer them jobs, for managing and creating e-commerce sites and online stores. List of online marketplaces below to find remote workers online.

Most popular online marketplaces

There are many website building sites available online, we can create own e-commerce sites and websites. Some of the best and popular Online Stores and website builders below.

Online Stores

Website Builders

Affiliate Marketing

This online program is more concerned with commission and incentive, manufactures or distributors giving small incentives for promoters. Thats called affiliate marketer, affiliate marketer is a promoter who sharing or selling others products [or companies products].

Companies may be big companies or small, and they may big wholesalers or retailers. The merchant will give small incentives to promoters [affiliate marketers] for each sales they make.

Affiliate marketing is good for newbies, beginners don't know about the companies and their commission range. Find the good company in your country, start with the leading company in your area. I list out below the most popular affiliate marketing companies.

Top 10 E-commerse Sites.

After choosing right affiliate marketing platform, we can start to promote the products in online. There are many strategies to promote products in online, such as a E-mail and Facebook, and social media marketing, content marketing and online advertisements.

Social media pages and groups are better way to promote the particular products. We can share products through contact numbers by sending text messages including products details and links. And send through individual messengers like Facebook, what's app, telegram.

PPC advertisement is a another easy ways to promote products, it will help to getting extra traffic to our product. PPC sites created for getting traffic for particular links. PPC sites provides money to people who are watching and visiting links online. The links may be yours if you create any ads on this site.

Top 10 Advertisement PPC sites

If you like to make more sales in less time, you can use online global advertisement platforms. Paid advertisement is more easiest way to increase traffic and sales. We can drive ads on Google Ads, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads. Use cheap and best advertisement platform to create ads in less prices.

Before creating ads we should know about the keywords that people searching for. Research the keywords on google, with the help of Google Trends, Ads.google[ keyword planner]. Google alert will help you to find the exact products or keywords of products that people searching for.

Top popular advertisement platforms.

There are many traffic exchange sites online, we will get masses of traffic through those sites. We will get individual IP address visitors for our sites or product links. There are two options in this site, if you want free traffic for your site, we can exchange our site. In those sites they have upgrading options in different levels, if you want more features you can upgrade it.

If you want to know the people opinions and desires about the product and services, what and how much they are willing to buy. And what people are willing to buy and their product mind. You can create online surveys using google sheets, including multiple questions about products. Send the survey questions to the people and ask them to complete the survey.

Survey is a better way to identify people wishes and thoughts about the products and related things. There are many survey sites available today, we can create our own surveys in this platform.

There are free and paid survey sites are available, most of the them paid survey sites. We will get immediate results if we offer rewards for our surveys, because of the people looking for surveys to make money online.

Surveys sites helps to find real thoughts and ideas about the products and services from people. And the other side, this will help the people to making a income online.

Create your own surveys using below sites.

Top Popular Money Making Survey Sites

There are many micro-workers sites online, we can create our own surveys in those sites for improving our business online. We can offer workers to complete our surveys by giving them a small bugs. If you want to share and promote the products online, we can hire workers to spreading and sharing our product links.

They are willing to make money online, we can give them small incentives for completing our tasks. They are playing with social media, forums, and other traffic sources.

Ask them to complete our surveys and promote and share our product links in the different platforms, and get multiple traffic for our links. Croudsourcing websites are more easy to find workers online.

List of the most popular crowdsourcing websites below, crowdsourcing sites are two way platform we can offer jobs and services for money. People are interesting to make money as a side income using this sites.

Most popular crowdsourcing sites below.

We can grow up our business using those sites, workers will make impressions and traffic for our products in social media. They will make us followers in our social media pages, and make members in our groups. We give them small payments for their service.

Online webinars is other ways to increase traffic to our sites, we can make more sales and links impressions using online webinars. Create landing pages for our products to getting more traffic to our links.

I use some online platforms to grow up my social media performance, to gain followers, and getting group members, page likes and page shares. There are more SEO tools in that sites, I listed out some of the best sites below.

Top and Best SEO Tool Sites for Beginners.

YouTube is another popular social media today to selling particular affiliate products online by making product review videos. We can create videos about the products, for sharing reviews and benefits. We can tell to people about the products by explaining product benefits and usages.

If you don't know how to create videos online you can find workers to create YouTube videos. They will make videos about your products and services for money. Find suitable workers in the above online marketplaces.

YouTube is a great social platform today to sharing your videos and pasting your product links. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram is the good alternative way to promoting and sharing your product and product related videos.

Running a YouTube channel is difficult today, its need more time to getting subscribers. As a beginner you need to fix some problems before making good videos online.

First you need to know about the products and demands of the products which people like to buy. Research the products that people searching for, after choosing the right product, make video about the particular product.

Should give clear knowledge and benefits about the products in to people. After creating your videos you can share the videos into multiple social media. Don't forget to say to give positive reviews and likes, ask them to subscribe your channel.

You can use above crowdsourcing sites to improve your video monetization and getting traffic. Offer people to subscribe your channel and ask them to share your videos in to multiple social media.

Include introduction and conclusion in the videos and add different angle pictures of products. Paste product links under the video section and give description of product. Mention that the pasted links are available on below section under the video.

This is the best way to promote your affiliate products online. There are many methods such as email, social media sharing, online traffic sites and more. But i suggesting YouTube is more effective way to sell products online.

I suggested more than 3 methods to promote your affiliate products above including SEO tools for your links. The above SEO tool sites will make you automatic sharing of your links into social media.

If you  want to learn more about affiliate marketing follow the links to getting more knowledge about products and e-commerce site. I used Amazon associate program because it is easy to create and promote products online.

You can be a good affiliate marketer if you follow the above steps, all methods are free including SEO Tool site. Advertisement is a secondary platform to sell products, firstly try to use free sources to promote your products. 

This post will show you the most Easy Ways To Make Money Online from home, and most trusted websites. Some sites has upgrading options that allows you to make more money in a quick way.  

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