How To Make Cryptocurrency Online

I already talked about the easy ways to earn money online without investment program, today I am going to share with you How to make cryptocurrency online. In this blog post you will going to learn about the major cryptocurrencies, coins with crypto markets and all related things. Let's see what is crypto currency and coins...

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What is cryptocurrency?
Benefits of cryptocurrency?
How to make cryptocurrency?
Different types of cryptos.
Usages of cryptocurrency.
What is cryptocurrency exchange?
How to sell and buy cryptocurrencies?
How to create cryptocurrency wallet?
How to store cryptocurrency?
Sending and Receiving cryptocurrency.
How to make cryptocurrency for free.

How to make Cryptocurrency online

How to make cryptocurrency online
How to make Cryptocurrency online

What is cryptocurrency?

Crypto currency is a digital asset or a virtual currency and it is a form of online payment. This decentralized currency used online like Fiat currency but it is different than Fiat money. It is using digitally for many purposes like Fiat currency, the crypto currency is also secured by cryptography. 

Crypto are created using a new technology called bockchain technology, crypto are stored as a cryptography format so it cant counterfeit. There are two types of currencies are created such as Coins and Tokens. Coins are created using block chain technology and the Tokens are created using Coins.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

Crypto are digitally formed currency it is using for many purposes online today like Fiat currency. Anyone can create this money using block chain technology because the crypto are decentralized currency. So this currency are made in many names and it is trading in many exchanges today. Also, this currency we can exchange for goods and services online, and can use for online payment and transactions. 

We don't need to go any banks to store and do transactions. We can keep it and store in our way using its wallets and can ultimately convert cryptocurrencies into Fiat money. There are also many ATM counters are available in the world to buy and withdraw crypto to Fiat money.

How to make cryptocurrency online

There are many ways we can make Cryptocurrency online. One of the best and straight forward way is 'buying' crypto can buy using Fiat money through currency exchanges. It is easy to buy crypto through exchange using debit or credit cards, most of the foreign countries has Crypto ATM counters so we can also buy it directly using Fiat money. 

Crypto is also a tradable currency, currency exchanges are also allow us to trade those assets online with pair. Trading is the process of buying and selling activity in online, we can trade and make profits online by exchanging them between one crypto with another. There are many cryptocurrencies are listed in the online markets today with different names and prices.

The other way is to make cryptos currency is a 'mining' process. We can mine crypto with the help of computer and using online mining websites. In computers there are chips called CPU, GPU, this accessories we can use for mining Cryptocurrency. There are many websites are also offering mining plans that we can rent or purchase to earn cryptos.

The another cheapest way to mine crypto is to use free mining websites and Android apps. There are Android Trading apps are available online to mine crypto for free, they also offering free mining plans for some users.

Different types of Cryptocurrencies

How to make cryptocurrency online, crypto mining
How to make Cryptocurrency online

Crypto Coins and Tokens are different from it self, if crypto currency created using blockchain then the Tokens are created using on same coins which is already created. There are 15400+ Crypto currencies are listed only on CoinMarketCap research company, today the global crypto market cap is $2.36 Trillion.

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin BTC

Etherium ETH

Binance Coin BNB

Tether USDT

Solana SLO

Cardano ADA

Usd Coin USDC


Polkadot DOT

Terra LUNA

Usages of Cryptocurrency

Crypto is using for many purposes online, mainly crypto using for exchanging goods and services. Other way is for 'Trading' to increase profits, we can do trading to multiply our income online. Each Coins are different price in market and it will change the price depending on the market.

Buy crypto when market is down and sell it when market is up. Also crypto can use for transactions for purchasing things and for buying services online. We can invest cryptos for mlm business and other business purposes. Crypto can store in different wallets for saving and secure the money.

What is Cryptocurrency exchange

A Crypto Currency exchange is a market or a place where people can buy and sell digital currencies (Crypto coin and Tokens) for cash. It act like a mediator between buyers and sellers, to trading between currencies. Crypto Trading is a activity where people can exchange their currency with another currency. The exchanges not only providing trading but also they offering investments and mining plans. 
To open an account we need to register with email and a password, after that need to complete KYC process to begin trading and investing. There are two types of currency exchanges, centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges, Centralized exchanges are need to complete KYC process but decentralized exchanges are not need to complete KYC to begin.

Top crypto currency exchanges

Binance:- is a world largest crypto currency exchange in terms of daily trading volume. Binance was founded in 2017, they are also providing a trading platform where people can buy and sell crypto online, binance has a separate wallets for Android and iOS mobiles.

Coinbase:- is a most popular trading platform today. To buying,selling and storing crypto is more secure in this platform.

Wazirx:- is a India most trusted bitcoin and crypto like litecoin,ripple, etherium and more trading market. Wazirx providing lowest fee for trading and transactions. They are a leading india n market and they have more than 80lakhs members now.

Remitano:- is a global leading peer to peer Cryptocurrency exchange. In Remitano we can buy and sell crypto such as BTC,LTC,ETH and more using its Fiat money wallet. To invest and sending money to bank account in all over the world is easy

How to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies

To buy and sell crypto currency from exchange you need to complete registration, after verification of ID you can easily invest money in it and can buy crypto using credit or debit cards. Some wallets such as Trustwallet is offering cryptos to buy directly using credit cards or debit cards. In every exchanges, after login select a crypto which you want buy and put a count of crypto and select on 'buy' button, it will redirect to the payment page. 

After purchasing the currency it will reflect to the exchange default wallet. After trading or buying of the crypto currency, if you would like to convert it to the Fiat money, you need to sell the currency with USD dollar, after selling the crypto with USD, it will be reflected in the exchange wallet balance then you can withdraw it to your local bank account easily.

How to create a Cryptocurrency wallet

To create an wallet online you can choose the best wallet such as Trustwallet and Tronwallet. Binance, Coinbase, Remitano is also providing separate wallets for android and PC. 
After downloading wallet app in your mobile or web wallet on your pc, click on the register button enter your email and password, next you want to create a secret phrase that is the key which you want to store in privately, because it is the key is used for recovering the account if you lose the password. 
Created account have a public address which you want share others to receive your payment. This address will be used if you need to transfer the crypto from exchange.

How to store Cryptocurrency.

There are many ways you can store cryptos in the wallets. There are 3 types wallets, hot wallets, cold wallets and paper wallets. The hot wallet is connected with Internet but the cold wallet is not connected with Internet. Another wallet is called offline wallet look like USB flash drive, Ledger wallets are providing two types of USB storage, Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, in this 2 types of wallets we can store crypto with 27 Coins and 1500 Tokens. Mostly offline hardware wallets are created for secure the currency. 

Crypto currency storing is a easy process when we own a wallet we get a public address. That address will be use for order to receiving crypto to the wallet. The wallet has a secret password, we use that password to enter into wallets. The wallet balance is shown on the dashboard. When we receiving and sending the cryptos we can track the details and history of the transaction on the dashboard.

How to send and receive Cryptos

To sending and receiving crypto is a easy process but we should recheck the public address order to send and receive currency. If we wrongly entered public address (wallet address) currency will lose and can't recover the crypto currency back. 
Mostly people using transactions between exchange and wallets. When we are going to send crypto firstly we select the currency and enter the count of crypto after can enter the wallet public address or exchange address, every exchange has its own default wallets attached with them.

How to make Cryptocurrency for free

I talked about already how to to make crypto currency online, if you are looking for earning crypto for free, I can suggest some ways which you can make just by completing small online tasks. 
One of the best method is joining in a airdrop program. It is a program where companies are launching new currencies in the market. This project will announce publicly for participating people in the project. 
The companies need to sell the crypto in bulk to the market, so it may be sell the same price, or less price, may be for free as a reward. This project and contribution is called airdrop, the members of this project will get rewards when participating and completing tasks in the projects.

Another easy way to earn crypto currency is to join with freelancing sites. Survey sites and PTC sites are providing payments such as Bitcoin, Litecoins etc.

List of free crypto earning sites

Freelancing sites

PTC Sites

Faucet pay


The Cryptocurrencies is legal in many countries only some countries are restricted online payments such as India. But buying and selling (Trading) is allowed in India. I used crypto market details from  CoinMarketCap and other exchanges. I listed out the exchanges and currencies are most popular and leading companies.