How To Become a Freelancer

how to become a freelancer
How to become a freelancer

How To Become a Freelancer.

In this post I will guide you how to become a freelancer online easily and how to make money doing freelancing. A freelancer can work from home or from any other places in world. Wherever you are you can make money online as a freelancer with your own time and in your own place.

People making money online more than $100 per day by working as a individual contractor. Freelancer is a person who are working online as a contractor in a different positions. 

You can be a short time contractor or long time contractor depending on your work. Online marketplaces is better for people to begin freelancing, to start work yourself you should join in any freelancing sites. It is the choice of selecting multiple jobs with multiple employers work at a time. 

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services online through online marketplaces (Freelancing Sites). A person can earn money in a hourly, daily, weekly even monthly basis. We can work with multiple employers and usually earn from multiple clients at a time.

A person can become freelancer and make up to $100 and more per day by working online. This is a great way to starting to earn money online today. If you like to work as part-time and full-time then you can do both as your wish. 

There are many online money making sites like Fiverr and etc. There are plenty of works we can find on this sites. People posting unlimited jobs daily on those platforms.

You can find work such as a data entry, web designing, Virtual assistant jobs, bpo jobs, writing jobs, SEO, SEM, digital marketing jobs, promoting jobs, social media jobs, link building jobs, code writing jobs like HTML, Php, and javascript, etc... 

Hundreds and thousands of workers and employers are visiting and posting jobs and paying money in this marketplaces. This is the two way platform, if you want online workers then you can also find good workers on this sites.

If you like to work with this platform then you have to Register with this site. It is totally free to create an account with them. You can setup your profile by adding your skills and previous experiences into the profile section. If you setup a best profile you will get works more quickly.

You can offer them a minimum of $5 for your services. After creating a profile you can share your service profile in social medias, if any one find you then they will contact you. Also can find your suitable works around the internet today. Enable your profile as public then employers can find you easily when you enable it on online.

 Most employers find workers which one have good ratings and reviews. So keep going to take jobs and finish it in the right time. Employers will give you ratings for the accuracy and punctuality.

If you get good ratings from employers you will get more jobs easily, so ask to people to give good ratings and reviews of your work. Wait for 2 to 3 months to getting good works from employers in the beginning. Newbies can get jobs slowly in the beginning of time than expert workers. 

So try hard to find jobs regularly and apply for different jobs in multiple posts. Beginners should choose easy works in the initial times.
Always remember to check the latest jobs and apply ghastly and regularly on the marketplace to get jobs quickly for beginners.

How to become a freelancer by working in online marketplaces

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a the most popular marketplace, this is a international online jobs portal. In this site you can sell your services at minimum cost of $5 to $10. To become a freelancer online you want to setup a profile in this platform. It is best global online marketplace offering high paying jobs and services.

You can increase your earning potential depending on your work. We can offer services for hourly, weekly and monthly basis.

  The website is primarily used for exchanging services for money. Freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to employers worldwide they can earn huge income online. I tend to use Fiverr every now and then to get jobs done.

  For example, I might need a website created and installed, or I might need a logo created. Take a look around the Fiverr website, if you haven’t already done so and seen the things that you can have done for you at a low cost.  If there are any services that you could provide, you could sell those services too.

If you don't have skills and you want to learn any new skills, fiverr provide you latest online courses. You can learn every courses online.


Freelancer is also like fiverr and it is large money-making website today. Everyone can easily find jobs and services from this marketplace. This is a great marketplace for people to buy and sell services. It is globally collaborates for mutual benefit. 

This site is free to register and create an account for everyone. Log in to it and create your profile and find suitable jobs which you have skills and knowledge.

 If you don't have any experience and skills then don't worry, you need only basic computer knowledge to start a basic level there are 3 categories like Basic, Intermediate and Expert. 

At the basic level, you can start to select small tasks as you wish. Many employers are looking for someone like you for contract work. 

 Everyone can easily work here no matter if you don't have any previous experience or knowledge you need only a computer with an internet connection to start. Only need to do is apply minor jobs in the initial stage and can expand your skills. Minor jobs you can do easily at the beginning time and you will get good rating if you do it more fastly and accurately. 

This two websites are trusted and high paying, there are millions of people working together in this platforms. Your profile is a tool to get attractive jobs. Every employers will see your profile and service that you offer in public.