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13 websites that will pay you for small tasks, Part time jobs online.

Are you willing to earn part time income online? Did you try to make money doing part time jobs online before? and you don't get any achievement yet? Dont worry, There is a chance to make an income from home!

People making money online using different online platforms. The online platform is the marketplace where the people are connecting together for exchanging online services.

There are many crowdsourcing websites out there, crowdsourcing website  is a online marketplace that allows you to posting jobs and exchanging services. In this platform the workers needs jobs and the employers needs services, so they exchanging it in worldwide.

Companies and Individual Employers have many jobs and works. They are posting many kinds of jobs and works into those marketplaces everyday.

There are many types of tasks we can find here, like surveys, data entry, social media tasks, proof verification, video recording, voice recording, writing and copy writing, etc.

Employers are looking for remote workers or home-based workers to perform these tasks. These sites are providing micro tasks and medium tasks.

Register with any platform in the list, choose the best site which you like and more comfortable to you. If you like to make extra income or  you  want a part-time job, this is best for you. We introduce 13 websites that will pay you for small tasks.

Requirements: Computer or Android Phone with an Internet connection.
Everyone can make money using these sites and there is no need to invest or spend money at all.

It is better for students and housewives and those who are like to make extra income online. 

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Signup with worker's account if you like to make money, or signup as a publisher if you want to post jobs. Register using your email id and password.


Fiverr is the top and best marketplace for freelancers to make passive income from home. It is a more powerful website in the worldwide to make easy money online.

On this site, you can find many kinds of jobs and services as your wish. Jobs like designing works, writing, data entry, BPO jobs, SEO works, virtual assistant jobs, etc.

It is better for freelancers and professionals who are like to make money from home. If you have patience and time, you can be a good freelancer by working in this platform.

The main benefits of these platform is, we can work from anywhere as our wish. This site is allow free registration to all. Anyone can create an account in this platform. The main benefits of this platform is, it is available all over the world.

Payments: Withdrawal through PayPal and Bank Transfer. 


Seoclerks is an online marketplace which employers and workers are connecting together for exchanging services. This site mainly providing online SEO works. 
Works are more related on site traffic, such as on page seo, backlink making, pic optimisation, keyword and tags.

The platform connects with people for exchanging services online in the worldwide. This website is better for freelancers and those who are looking for SEO works.

Payments: PaypalPayoneer, HyperWallet. 


Picoworkers is the best online marketplace today and it is good for students  and housewives. This is a two way platform we can make money online and  can also post jobs.

There are many Jobs you can choose from, such as surveys, social media jobs, data entry, writing jobs, site visiting, downloading, etc.

It is a good marketplace for everyone, mostly part time job seekers. Students and housewives who are looking for daily part time income online. Register now.

Payments: Withdrawal through PayPal, Litecoin, Ethereum.


Ysense is formerly known as Clixsense it allows you to earn money by doing online tasks. This is the best part time online money making site today. Ysense is a global online community and there are multiple earning options.

In this site, you can find tasks mainly surveys, figure fight tasks, cashback & cash offers and offer walls. And can also earn by playing online games, watching videos, and completing quizes.

Payments: Withdrawal through PayPalPayoneer, Skrill, Steam, and Reward Link India. 


Swagbucks is the most stable and genuine site, this site allows to earn rewards. Rewards (called SB) you will get points for taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web and playing games.

This site for those who are looking for making part-time income from online. Find tasks like surveys, Discover deals and other small tasks and get cash back for your every purchase.

Save money when you shop online, you get $10 as a Bonus while you shopping online.
Payments: withdrawal through PayPal, Flipkart gift cards.  

Rapid Workers

Rapid workers is a another crowdsourcing site, there are bulk jobs you can find from this site. And it providing online tasks like surveys and data entry, site visiting, downloading other micro tasks.

This site allows you to make money by completing international and national online jobs. From this site, you should do only international jobs and your particular own country jobs. Otherwise, the company will suspend your account if you do other country jobs. 

Payments: withdrawal through PayPal.  
Join and Create a account here.


Microworkers is an international online platform that connects peoples, between employers and workers together. From this site, we can find many kinds of jobs such as micro jobs, TTV jobs.

This is a good site for students and housewives and those who are looking for part-time jobs online. There are many small online jobs you can find from this site.

Jobs like social media jobs, copy-paste, text creation, commenting, writing, surveys, ad posting, account creation, etc. 
There is a pre-qualified test on this site, we should pass the test to qualify. If you have high success rate you will get high jobs.

Payments: Withdrawal through PayPalPayoneer, Skrill, Bank Transfer. 


Clickworkers is also a  crowdsourcing website, but it is different than other sites. This site mosly providing high tasks than micro tasks and the pay rate is more than other sites. 

Everyone can join in this site for free. This site mainly providing voice and video recording tasks. This is a good platform to make money online, especially for students.

You can find online jobs like video recording and voice recording and more from this site. There is an application for android users, click to download app here.

Payments: Withdrawal through PayPal and Bank account or Transferwise. 

Amazon Mechanical  Turk

Amazon Mturk is same as other crowdsourcing money-making site. But in this site has different tests for each jobs, This site has limited vacancies, wait some time to getting or active an account.

And we should take the assessment test before taking any job.  There are many jobs you can choose from this site and each works are different tasks.

You can find online jobs like online surveys, data entry, information verification, social media jobs, watching a video, writing short articles/reviews, etc.

Payments: Withdrawal through Amazon Payments account and Amazon Gift Card. 


Upwork is the largest and most trusted freelancer marketplace like Fiverr. It is a global marketplace  which freelancers and individual employers working from different places. 

It is the best site for those who are looking for full-time job and part-time jobs online. There are many online jobs, like social media tasks, data entry jobs, copy writing jobs, proof verification, web research, etc.

From this site, you can find large projects like Designing, writing, Programming & Developing and more works. 
Payments: Withdrawal through PayPal, Bank Account (INR), Wire Transfer. 
Create a account here.

MicroJobs (not working)

MicroJobs is a new crowdsourcing website, it has more features than other micro job sites. The site allows you to make money completing microtasks online. There is a chance to provide your own services in this site.

You can add any type of online services like writing, video promotions, SEO works, data collections/researching, and video/voice making, etc.

This site is helpful for students and those who are looking for daily part time jobs online.

Prizes Drop 

Prizes drop is another part time job site, you can find many small online jobs on this site. You can earn money for completing surveys, offer walls, video ads, YouTube videos, etc.

You will get Reward points and PayPal money for completing online microtasks. It is free to create an account with them and start to earn money online.

Payments: Withdrawal through PayPal, Steam, Amazon Cards. 


Peopleperhour is the online freelancing community, it is a global online marketplace. You can find small jobs from this site. 1000' of data entry freelancing Indian jobs are available in this site.

Jobs you can find like content writing, data entry, text editing, file converting, designing and programming. It is a better site for those who are looking for daily part time jobs online.

Payments: Withdrawal through PayPalPayoneer, Bank Account. 

Above all Websites that will pay you money for small tasks and big tasks. Those are genuine and free to register for anyone in this world.