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get paid to read ads
get paid to read ads

Get Paid To Read Ads

 There are millions of people around the world who depend on PTC sites ("Pay to Click" websites) to make part-time income. 
But only a few can make real good real money fractions online. 

There are many reasons for this, but the most reason why people join many scams and fraud sites. So beware of scam and fraud sites that we know very well, so we are here.

 We suggest the most reliable PTC sites among the reliable ones. So do not worry about making money with PTC sites. 

Get paid to read ads, If you spend 5 to 10 minutes per day at each site, you can easily earn up to $ 200 or more. We suggest some sites and it is really PTC and previously tested. Joining any PTC site is absolutely free. 

Best five PTC sites to make money.

1. NeoBux.

This is the most reliable PTC site to Get paid to read ads. Neobux will give you the opportunity to earn a certain amount of money. 

If you are more active and work hard than you can do many tasks and get paid more.

 Everyone knows that a neobux is a PTC site that will pay a higher amount doing simple tasks more than other PTC sites. 

Receive the payment immediately through NETELLER or Skrill. One of the members of Neobux who earns up to $ 600 easily, is very active on the Internet and spends only 1 to 10 minutes per day. 

But the real fact is to earn more money than you have to wait six months after joining. 

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ClixSense ySense

 You can earn money with ySense if you spend 5 to 8 minutes per day and then you can earn up to $ 200 in earnest. 

Without a doubt, it is the most reliable PTC site of all time. There are many tasks that everyone can easily do those tasks quickly.

 Join now and conduct from paid online surveys, CrowdFlower Tasks and more! Multiple income options Surveys paid. 

The global online community, Serving since 2007, makes effective by taking paid surveys for free, multiple available income options. 

Earn daily prizes up to $10.00.00Fast Payment through Payoneer or Skrill. Get paid to read ads.


Probux is a new PTC site that will give you money for visiting sites online. It is an advertising company they are providing daily ads regularly so we get paid for reading ads from this site.

It also allows us to post ads on this site in this way we can make unlimited referrals. We can earn money online by referring friends to it.


Clixfarm is a PTC site that will pay you for viewing ads online. It allows you to get paid to read ads and playing online games.  

Earn more by referring friends and can increase your earnings by upgrading your account. If you want to get traffic then you can advertise your site here. 

Paid Verts.

PaidVerts is a bit different from all the other PaidToClick sites, as we value members for their activity and commitment by giving them more opportunities to earn and increase their profits! 

On this page, you have an overview of the most important things in PaidVerts and your status as a member. 

Increase your BAP for free by completing daily tasks and get paid to read ads. Complete more achievements and enter that higher group to earn more! 

Get an additional ad emission by recommending others over all the commissions you can get from them. 


This is another website for international members like the US & UK if you are in those countries, then the company will pay you more than another country. 

There are more ways to earn money with Inboxdollars. There are many jobs you can find and get paid to watch ads. 

There are many people who earn up to $ 100 per month from this unique website and more people who perform tasks daily spend only 5 to 10 minutes per day. 

People from the United States and the United Kingdom can join InboxDollars from here. If you are from another country, then focus only on ClixSense and Neobux.


Star Clicks is another paying money-making site earn money just by watching online sites or ads. It is free to register for anyone.

 So these are some of the main PTC sites you can join, be assured of seeing hundreds of ads and other offers of earnings and regular payments. 

All these sites get paid to read ads and have a great payment history with good comments from their members. 
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Prizes Drops

Prizes drops is also get paid to read ad site and get paid to complete small tasks. Play games and earn money through this site. 

If you have youtube videos or other videos then you can upload and get viewers easily. You will get point through completing tasks online.
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Time bucks will get paid to read ads online and also completing small tasks. Offerwalls, survey, tasks and earn by referring others.

Need a PayPal account to withdraw money from this site. Signup and get $1 bonus it is free to register and get paid to complete tasks.
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