Get Paid To Search Google | Free Presearch (PRE) Tokens

Get Paid To Search Google

 Get paid  to search  google
Get paid  to search  google
Get Paid to search Google

 The more you search and the more you earn. Earn money online by simply searching for things online through the Presearch search engine. 

What is Presearch? 

Presearch is a decentralized search engine open in the world. More than 1 million members using Presearch. Receive payments by search, the more you search, the more you earn.

The search rewards members of their community with the Presearch PRE tokens for their use of online search, contribution and promotion of the platform.

 Presearch is the largest search engine driven by the community, it is the last search engine community launched in the year that awards community members with Presearch Tokens for their use.

 How to earn PRE tokens online? It is true? How can we make money by searching on google? Yes, it is true that Presearch will give you money just to search for things on Google. 

They pay you when you search for things through Presearch. You can search for anything on Google, which means that if you want to know something on the Internet, for example, you need a location or a hotel, etc ... anything you can search through Presearch.

They will pay you after each search you did. They provide PRE tokens for each search, when you search for things online. 

You will get 25 PRE tokens for a search you performed. To create a previous search account, click below. It is easy to register with them. 

Step by step method to create presearch account, watch  the full Presearch  tutorial youtube video

Get paid  to search google: Make  money just by  Browsing  internet  or using internet.
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Click here to complete the guide to register an account. 

Receive a 25 PRE subscription bonus! 

How to use PRE tokens? When you reach 1000 PRE tokens, you can convert them into dollars through online payments like PayPal or Skrill. 

Do not continually search to earn PRE tokens perform regular searches. Make search things valuable for you, otherwise, you'll suspend your account. 

If you do not need to search just to earn PRE tokens, your account will be suspended. They will verify the search terms you made. 

The payment will be obtained only for the real search and you will be paid to search the web. First, you must register with Presearch and install the extension. Add it to your home screen or enable it in your google chrome or Mozilla. 

When you open those search engines, it automatically opens the Prefetch tab on the home screen and pays to search the web. 

If you are looking for something in this tab, you will get .25 PRE tokens instantly. When you reach 1000 PRE tokens, you can redeem them for dollars through the online payment system. 

What are PRE tokens? The pre-search tokens (PRE) are cryptocurrency tokens that operate on the ethereum platform. 

Today's price of the PRE token is $ 0.03405117. You can also trade using the PRE tokens. Trading volume at 24 hours $ 190,591 The price rose 0.90% in the last 24 hours. 

The circulating supply of 96 million coins and a maximum supply of 170 million coins. The most active exchange that is commercialized by Presearch is HitBTC. 


More than one million users are using the search engine Presearch. This version allowed you to obtain PRE tokens, paid to search the web when you search for things and customize the search resources you use regularly.  

How to register an account.

To register to Go to or click to create an account, enter your name and email with a password. And login to Presearch and enable the extension. 

Set it on the home screen. Complete guide to register. How to create a previous search account Get 25 PRE chips as a signup bonus. And also get 25 PRE tokens by reference to others. You paid to search the web.

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